Everyone wants Holly Willoughby

Everyone wants Holly Willoughby’s M&S t-shirt from her chic new denim range

Holly Willoughby could pretty much wear a bin bag and rock it (she might want to check out ASOS’s version of one).

The presenter just launched her latest line of must-haves for Marks and Spencer and good news denim lovers, there’s a lot of it.

The one staple catching everyone’s eyes is a simple white t-shirt, the most affordable of the range which has already become the best-seller.

The Pure Cotton Slogan Straight Fit T-Shirt is priced at a reasonable £12.50 and can be worn with Holly’s a-line denim mini-skirt also part of the collection, for £25.

Holly showed off the chic tee, which has the words ‘like the wind, free’ printed, on her Instagram where it’s got a lot of love.

One of her 1.5 million followers said she looked like an angel posing with the t-shirt under the unexpected February sun.

Others wrote the top was ‘amazing’ and ‘elegant’ and looked beautiful on the ITV presenter.

Everyone wants Holly Willoughby

(Picture: Marks and Spencer)

Plenty of followers wrote that they had already bought items from her Must-Have range.

‘I’ve just bought this t-shirt, the denim skirt, and two denim dresses. I’m going to be Holly Willoughby styled to the max,’ wrote one person.

Holly also launched a pair of trendy white boots in a press shoot, revealing how she enjoyed putting the range together.

‘This edit has been really fun to pull together,’ she said. ‘I live in high-waisted skinny jeans at the weekend. These pieces are really versatile and super stylish too.

‘I’ve always loved the simplicity of a denim dress. This one is perfect for the weekend and looks great styled with trainers.’

The denim mini shirt dress, also part of the range, is £49.50, while the Pure Cotton Utility Jumpsuit is available for £55.

Slightly pricer, but it pays to look good.

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