Amazing Abby EggStack – Acrylic Makeup Sponge Holder for Beauty Blender Holder, Perfect Drying and Display (Set Includes 2 Stackable Holders & 1 Dust-Proof Cover)




Amazing Abby offers truly innovative and highest quality home products, featuring:


  • Original Design: Our unique products are both functional and appealing. They serve practical uses and are also nice decorative items at home.


  • Perfect Safety: Made of premium quality acrylic plastic. Will not shatter like glass or ceramic. Safe and durable. Ideal for use in bathroom and bedroom.


  • Highest Quality: Each piece is manually inspected right before packed and delivered to ensure the highest standard of quality.


  • Great Gift: A perfect present for you and your loved ones. An awesome gift idea for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and any other special occasions.


  • Modern Elegance: Crystal-clear and shiny. Stylish and modern design. An elegant object for any place at home.


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