Next launches in-between jeans

Stuck between a size 10 and a size 12? Next has launched ‘in-between’ jeans to solve the problem

When it comes to buying jeans, the struggle is real: most shops have different sizing, and we often find ourselves only finding pairs that don’t fit quite right.

Doesn’t it suck when a size is slightly too big or small, but the other sizes don’t fit at all?

Well, we’re happy to announce that Next has come to the rescue – the retailer has just launched in-between jeans, so if a size 14 is too big but a size 12 is too small, a size 13 will save the day.

Next has launched jeans in sizes 11, 13, 15 and 17.

The new sizes were launched following customer feedback, and the brand has decided to trial the in-between sizes for three of its top jeans styles – Skinny, Slim and Bootcut, as well as its £20 chino trousers.

Next launches in-between jeans

(Picture: Next)

‘Next are always looking for ways to help women feel amazing in what they wear,’ the retailer said in a press release.

‘After spending time with our customers and listening to their feedback, we have decided to trial in-between sizes in some of our favourite jeans and tailoring pieces to ensure that we are offering them the best fit possible.

‘To start with, we will introduce sizes 11, 13, 15 and 17, and hope to roll this out in more sizes and styles soon.’

The fashion retailer is currently selling six different pairs of £22 jeans available in the in-between sizes.

Next launches in-between jeans

(Picture: Next)

This includes Next’s Skinny Jeans in Dark Blue, Slim Jeans in Dark Blue and Forever Black and White, and Bootcut Jeans in Forever Black and White.

The £20 chino trousers also come in the new sizes, in shades of khaki, rust, grey, striped and white.

Though we’re pleased with the current selection on offer, the brand will also be releasing more styles at the end of April.

What a time to be alive.

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