What Would Kate Hudson Eat on Her Ultimate Cheat Day?


Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is a dessert person.

Now, you might not believe it given her killer body, but the actress and Fabletics founder has copped to loving the sweet stuff. When asked what her dream TV-binging, eat-anything day would look like, Hudson told Elle.com, “my favorite day on the couch would be: Sugarfish sushi, which would turn into Tate’s gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, which would then be accompanied by a so-delicious ice cream bar with a chocolate and dairy-free coconut ice cream. But, my favorite, favorite, favorite would be frozen yogurt. I usually like a coconut fro-yo with some kind of chocolate situation and anything with cinnamon, or graham cracker-y, or oatmeal cookie type vibe.  And that would be my favorite couch watching TV day.”

That’s an epic cheat day we can get behind!

So, how is the star able to indulge and keep her fantastic figure? “I work my ass off. I work out. I eat well. I still have fun,” Hudson – who adheres to a high-alkaline diet and counts Pilates, dance, yoga and spinning among her exercises – has said. “I figured out how to sort of balance it all out so that I’m not like killing myself over diets and things like that because I don’t really believe in dieting. I believe in living a kind of lifestyle. So I’m as healthy as I can be, and just mentally, I can’t go too long without being active.”

The author of Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body also revealed that loving life – and yourself – is key.  “It’s about health and mindfulness,” said Hudson. “Because you can have the greatest body and you can be really unhappy if that’s all you’re working toward.”

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